Availability Check Using Zipcode


Magento provides cash on delivery and free shipping functionality for selected countries. But sometimes store owner want to allow cash on delivery payment method and free shipping for selected or specific zip codes inside country But this functionality not available in native magento. With the help of this module, the user can find out the product shipping availability as well as Cash on delivery payment method availability on product page directly , user don’t want to perform checkout process and this module also remove user’s unnecessary effort to buy particular product.



  • Availability Check module provide below functionality to the user
  • Availability Check module allows the users to find out the availability of products using the zipcodes.
  • Availability Check module allows the users to enable free shipping to specific product.
  • Availability Check module allows the users to enable cash on delivery to specific product.
  • Availability Check module Save user time, the users don’t require to do the checkout process in order to find out the Free shipping availability and Cash on delivery availability.
  • Check Cash on delivery available or not in particular area using zip code
  • Enable Free shipping method for specific product.
  • Enable Cash on delivery payment method for specific product.
  • Set shipping and Cod Availability for all product from admin
  • User able to Set common zip code for all products.
  • User able to Set specific zip code for specific product.
  • Set shipping & Cash on delivery availability separately ( Means Product wise )
  • Zip codes can be updated and deleted by the admin.
  • This extension gives relaxation for customize Success/Failure message of service availability from admin side.
  • User also use this extension to Shows if Pickup at store available or not.
  • Availability check module’s flow is easy to understand and easy to edit.

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Easy To understand

Support with all themes

Easy Customization

Find Using Zip-code

customize HTML Message

Update Or Delete Zipcode

Enable COD

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Average rating: 5 3 reviews

5 star rating for sure !

by Stanislav Yordanov on 12 August 2018

Best themes out there !! recommend!!

Awesome Extention

by Steaf on 31 August 2018

easy to implement !!! very helpfull

Check Availability message not displayed

by Ajay kajla on 05 November 2018

Check Availability message not displayed. The extension is good but am not able to see the message after check pincode. It only shows green color box

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